The Problem

The economic crisis has been devastating for the nonprofit sector, pairing unprecedented challenges with historic drops in funding: billions and billions of dollars lost, government budgets slashed, and cash reserves gone.

Our Solution

To rebalance the sector, we are building a network of skilled professionals and nonprofit leaders that are working together to increase social impact through high-value volunteerism at scale.

The Economic Significance

Most people don’t realize how much the nonprofit sector affects the economy as a whole. According to the Urban Institute, the sector spends $1.4 trillion annually, represents 5.4% of GDP, and employs a staggering 10% of the workforce.

Our Model

We ask nonprofits what they need, recruit volunteers with those skills, match them for sessions designed to be meaningful and impactful for both participants, and identify best practices that we can share out with the entire nonprofit sector.

Our Focus

We’ve learned that it’s really easy to start a nonprofit but very hard to grow one because donors tend to fund programs and not “overhead.” So we are focused on a lot of the areas that build organizational capacity: things like technology, marketing, design, human resources, finance, facilities and events.

Types Of Engagements

Our volunteers will be able to review marketing collateral, research software options, mentor staff members, organize brainstorming sessions, participate in vendor selections, assist on contract negotiations, and so much more. Our goal is to essentially provide board level expertise, a few hours at a time, to make sure the most promising organizations get the help they need.

Our Status

We are currently running closed pilots in the San Francisco bay area. That’s why you won’t really find us on social media yet, and why we have the most boring web site ever.